Your customizable system for cell cultivation in spinner flasks

An optimized culture protocol is a key factor for successful cell cultivation. Our CELLSPIN system allows you to precisely set essential parameters such as stirring direction of the pendula and pause intervals in order to reach optimal outcomes.

Moreover, you can easily adjust the stirring speed of our CELLSPIN magnetic stirring system. The speed ranges from 5 to 75 rpm and can be adjusted specifically to your needs in steps of 2.5 rpm (5-40 rpm) or in steps of 5 rpm (40-75 rpm).

Since most cells are sensitive to heat and need to be protected from overheating, we designed our CELLSPIN system in a way that the transferral of waste heat from the stirring unit to the spinner flasks or the internal space of the incubator is prevented. Thereby, CELLSPIN is able to provide consistent conditions for gentle cell cultivation and increases your yield – even for very sensitive cell lines.

Besides the utilization with our CELLSPIN glass spinner flasks, you are able to use the stirring units with other spinner flasks, for example with only one pendulum. For this purpose, we offer a specific conversion kit for impeller-type flasks which allows you to quickly and easily transform the stirring units. Therefore, the CELLSPIN system can be used manifoldly in your laboratory.

Technical data

  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 75 x 295 x 380 mm
  • Weight: 3,4 kg
  • Input voltage: 100 – 240 VAC 47 – 63 Hz

Cell cultivation according to the mix & match principle: Compose the cell cultivation system that fits your needs!

Our CELLSPIN and CELLROLL systems can easily be combined together due to their modularity and are therefore able to adapt to the specific needs of your laboratory environment. The centerpiece of the system is our CELLCONTROL controller unit that regulates all parameters. With only one CELLCONTROL unit, you are able to operate two systems simultaneously. The control unit automatically detects the connected systems and stores up to ten specific programs. Therefore, you can easily switch between pre-programmed settings.

In order to facilitate your documentation process, our systems can easily be connected to printers and personal computers. The respective data is transferred automatically and thereby documented properly without any additional effort. In the case of an unforeseen power outage, the system is able to inform you through an acoustic warning signal. As soon as power is available again, the system automatically continues with the running program. Thereby, no data is lost and you save inconvenient programming efforts.

All our systems are manufactured in Germany out of material that is insensitive to moisture and non-corrosive. Therefore, a long lifetime of our products is secured and you are able to enjoy the benefits of our individual system for many years.

DescriptionPart No.
CELLSPINIncludes a stirring platform (with 4 stirring positions), a control unit, a power supply and a control cable183 001
ComponentsControl unit incl. power supply183 013
Stirring platform (with 4 stirring positions) incl. control cable183 015
AccessoriesControl cable (length 2 m) for second output186 050
Power supply186 238
Interface cable (for connection to printer or PC)186 041
Conversion kit for impeller-type flasks183 260

Our Spinnerflasks

Made out of borosilicate glass for sustainable laboratory work

Our spinner flasks, which are specifically built for the CELLSPIN system, are designed to provide a high surface to volume ratio ensuring improved oxygenation over standard designs. The unique stirring mechanism of the CELLSPIN spinner flasks relies on two glass pendula which guarantee low shear forces while maintaining optimum mixing. Further, our premium-quality glass flasks are perfectly suited for those cases in which single-use plastic flasks are not required.  They can be cleaned and reused easily which makes them sustainable and ecofriendly.

Technical data

On each CELLSPIN stirring platform up to four spinner flasks can be employed independently of their size:

  • 100 ml
  • 250 ml
  • 500 ml
  • 1000 ml
DescriptionPart No.
Spinner flasksSpinner flask with 1 pendulum, 100 ml182 023
Spinner flask with 2 pendula, 250 ml182 026
Spinner flask with 2 pendula, 500 ml182 051
Spinner flask with 2 pendula, 1000 ml182 101
Middle cap for spinner flask (100-1000 ml)182 217
Side cap for spinner flask (100-1000 ml)182 781
Glass pendulum for 100 ml spinner flasks182 701
Glass pendulum for 250 ml spinner flasks182 703
Glass pendulum for 500 and 1000 ml spinner flasks182 706

Further information