Inoculation loop flame sterilization – easy and fully automated

Our fully automated system for inoculation loop flame sterilization – PENTAflame – is highly recommendable for all laboratories where the inoculation process is a daily routine. It is easy to handle and can be placed nearly everywhere due to its small dimensions. Furthermore, the automated blazing process improves the safety and efficiency of your laboratory.

PENTAflame can be connected to the most electronic Bunsen burners available on the market. They just have to be equipped with a standardized foot switch plug to which an adapter cable can be connected. A wide variety of suitable adapter cables are part of our portfolio as well. Since PENTAflame is being delivered with an external power supply and only has to be connected to an electronic Bunsen burner, there is no more installation work necessary.

While operating, PENTAflame recognizes automatically if an inoculation holder has been removed. If so, the handles’ inoculation loop on the opposite side gets blazed, in accordance with the set sterilization time. Afterwards the holder rotates to the next position. PENTAflame is designed for left-handers as well as for righthanders. You just have to place it either on the left or on the right side of the Bunsen burner.

Just by pressing one key, all inoculation loops hanging in the carousel get blazed, one after the other. This routine is recommended every morning before you intend to use any loops or if they have not been used for quite some time.

Technical data

  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 350 x 100 x 180 mm
  • Weight: 2 kg
  • Length of inoculation holder: 245 mm
  • Input voltage: 9 V DC, 500 mA
 DescriptionPart. No.
PENTAflameCarousel with 5 inoculation holders and power supply109 000
Adapter cableFor AES-Securos109 013
For Phoenix II109 015
For wld-tec Gasprofi 1109 017
For Integra Fireboy109 018
AccessoriesInoculation holder109 030
Power supply109 050

Further information