The modular system for laboratory-scale cell cultivation

CELLROLL und CELLSPIN mit Steuereinheit für Zellkultivierungsprogramme

The CELLROLL and CELLSPIN systems are based on a modular assembly concept that allows you to configure and combine the two instruments according to your needs.

Using only one control unit it is possible to operate two CELLROLL drive units or two CELLSPIN stirring platforms or a combination of one instrument each.

The control unit automatically recognises the type of instrument connected and allows you to independently store ten different cell cultivation programs for each unit.

Designed for a “lifelong” use in CO2-incubators

The control unit contains all sensitive electronic parts and connects via cable to the drive unit, therefore it can be kept outside of the incubator and the electronics are not damaged by the incubator‘s humidity. The materials used for the CELLROLL drive unit and the CELLSPIN stirring platform are non-corroding and the motor housings are sealed tightly – all this makes sure that a reliable and long-lived system will keep your cells always “on the move”!

For quality conscious cell culture laboratories

Because quality assurance is an integral part of a cell-based manufacturing process, the CELLROLL and CELLSPIN systems offer the means to efficiently monitor and document cell cultivation. Both instruments can be connected to a printer or a PC to log cultivation parameters at specified time intervals and to record all saved culture protocols. Also an interruption of the cultivation process – either due to a power failure or to an accidental disconnection of the control unit – doesn‘t go unnoticed: the control unit triggers a beeping-alarm and generates an error message.

CELLROLL- / CELLSPIN-Einheiten in einem Inkubator für Zellkultivierung

Cell cultivation system that grows with your needs

CELLROLL-System mit Rollerflaschen für optimale Zellkultur

Modular system that grows with your needs

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CELLSPIN mit Spinnerflaschen für optimale Zellkultur

programmable drive for up to eight spinner flasks

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PENTAflame – vollautomatisches Impfösenausglühen mit automatisiertem Ausglühprozess

fully automated flame sterilisation

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